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Worship Services


Sermon March 1, 2020: Temptations and the Devil

Sermon Feb 23, 2020: Lord it is Good for Us to be Here

Sermon Feb 16, 2020: Jesus Says to You – Life Under the Reign of Heaven

Sermon Feb 9, 2020: Light to the World, True Story of a Congregation

Sermon Feb 2, 2020 : Community of Faith

Sermon Jan 26, 2020 : Empires Based on Fear

Sermon Nov 10, 2019 : All Saints

Sermon Nov 3, 2019 : Fabulously Flawed

Sermon October 6, 2019: Increase My Faith!

Sermon September 29, 2019: Resurrection Living

Sermon September 15, 2019: Lost and Found

Special Lecture Series:

Biblical Perspectives on Homosexuality

As part of our exploration into becoming a Reconciling in Christ congregation, we’ve been doing Bible studies and hosting small group meetings. On Feb. 17, 2019, Rev. Dr. Marilyn McGuire presented a talk on Biblical Perspectives on Homosexuality. Watch the video here.

Dr. McGuire is a former member of our congregation but is now a member of Gethsemane Lutheran Church. Since Gethsemane has been a “Reconciling in Christ” congregation for nearly 10 years, she was also able to share their experience about their RIC journey.

The video is a little over an hour long, with every minute filled with faithful Biblical interpretation, personal insights, and, yes, much humor! Please enjoy Marilyn’s talk, and share the link with friends!  

Get to Know Us

The Story of St. Thomas/Holy Spirit

St. Thomas/Holy Spirit was founded in 1979 as a merger between St. Thomas Lutheran Church and Holy Spirit Lutheran Church.

STHS is a congregation with a commitment to community service. In 1996, Christian Community Homecare was established. This organization provides non-medical services to the homebound, reaching out to the elderly in the community. In 1997, the congregation helped to establish TLC Preschool, with the intention to provide working parents with a Christ-centered, safe environment for children ages 2 through Pre-K.

Beyond the established ministries of the congregation, the body of Christ in this place has been historically committed to serving the larger community. STHS has been recognized by International Partners in Mission for continued support of World Missions. It has also been recognized by Feed My People in St. Louis for outstanding commitment to feeding those in need in the St. Louis area. STHS operates its own limited emergency assistance program to continue to reach out to those in need in the community.

STHS has a rich worship and music tradition, honoring the deep roots of the Lutheran service, as well as nodding to innovation and creativity. We continue to be committed to authentic worship, opening our doors to all who need to be spiritually nourished.

STHS is involved in Partnership for Missional Church. In a three-year program, members of the church have taken a journey of spiritual discovery to empower the church to respond to God’s mission. PMC is a constantly developing process as we discern where God is calling us and strive to live with missional attitude, vision and action. We are a work in process, and a place we pray the story of God’s love and grace will continue to flow, inside and outside the walls of our church.

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